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We are dedicated to providing the best living experience for everyone at our community. A big part of our success has been listening to the needs and concerns of our residents and their loved ones.


The last five years of my mother’s life were blessed by the incredible staff and caregivers a Tiffany Court. The amount of love and care went beyond what I’d even hoped for. It felt like family to my mom and to our whole family. To Patti Baird and the crew, we are truly grateful!

Kathryn Roebuck

My grandmother recently left her long-time home to move to Tiffany Court. Over time, she wouldn’t want to miss a meal with her table mates, and came to call it her home. She greatly appreciates and cares for the staff that takes great care of her.


Excellent care and thorough attention to detail for the comfort of the residents.

Judy Tow

My mother was at Tiffany Court for over 5years. The staff was priceless. They gave her the attention she needed in a very caring manner

Adam Newcomb
Beautiful, clean place. Patricia Baird and the staffs are so welcoming and helpful.
Merilyn Berstrom
The most dedicated Executive Director I have ever met. When you have amazing leadership amazing care for your loved one will follow. Her building is full and I watched her interact with everyone who walked through the door. She is a hands on Director willing to help her staff when ever there is a need. A true inspiration for others. 5 star has a diamond on their hands. She deserves to be recognized on the highest of levels. Patricia it was an honor to spend two amazing days teaching a class in your community all my students fell in love with you. You were an amazing host.
Teena Hagerman

My Mom lived at Tiffany Court for about 5 years up until her passing late last year after a fall. The staff and facility are great for seniors needing daily assistance. It is a smaller and more personal facility than others in the area. We never worried about Mom’s safety or well-being at TC. The staff were kind and responsive – down to little details like changing the batteries in her mouse and hanging around to visit and brighten her day. We personally found the meals to be nutritious and well-prepared. When Mom transitioned to hospice care the TC staff were superb and made a difficult time easier for all.

Tom de Martinez

Jan, Patti, and staff provide a great living situation. If you have an opportunity to make use of Tiffany Court’s services, take it! They make it easy for caregivers by providing a clean, comfortable and friendly facility. We never had a reason to worry about the care our family member was receiving. Thanks Tiffany Court

Jim Rogers

Jan and team are top notch professionals and genuinely kind and caring people. The facility is clean, cheerful and quaint. The food is superb. Jan and team made our whole experience a pleasant one. The tenants are happy and and that’s the best you can hope for. Highly recommended.

G Mader

Tiffany Court has amazing staff. They were overly caring, truly diligent, and passionate about what they do. There are different-sized rooms, and they’re bright and adequate. My father is in a 1-bedroom. The food is good. I think there are less than 50 residents. We like the small, quaint, family feel of it instead of it being overwhelmingly corporate. They tailored menus on request; there was an attentive chef who personalized recommendations from my father to better meet his nutritional needs. It’s neat that they have Trivial Pursuits on Mondays. He’s not into bingo, but I think they have exercise. They have walks in the garden, and they have a bus that’s going to drive you within reason to places. The overall atmosphere was quiet and caring, and they had an engaging staff.


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