We all tend to slow down as we age. When people are in their 20s and 30s, they tend to have ample energy to get through each day. Staying up for an all-night movie marathon has minimal effects. Powering through long hours at work and keeping up with energetic toddlers is fairly simple. All that takes a toll, though. As we forge through our 40s and 50s, those initial energy levels gradually wane. By the time we reach retirement age, we’re simply tired. 

Staying Active As a Senior

Seniors naturally become less active to an extent. Some forgo physical activity altogether, though, and experts say that can be a major problem. It brings about a long list of negative effects. Staying active through the retirement years, on the other hand, has a positive impact. An assisted living community in Walnut Creek, CA can help seniors maintain suitably active lifestyles. 

Exploring the Benefits of Active Living for Seniors

Studies show that active living can foster health and happiness in many ways. Seniors in independent living communities have access to a variety of programs that are designed to keep them moving. At the same time, those programs are developed with the needs of elderly people in mind, so they’re not overly strenuous or potentially dangerous. Consider some of the benefits seniors can enjoy when they stay active. 

Boosting Muscle Strength

Inactivity leads to muscle atrophy, which means the muscles gradually waste away. That causes weakness, loss of balance, and a lack of mobility. Exercise prevents atrophy and keeps the muscles strong and healthy. In turn, it aids in maintaining balance and mobility, further encouraging seniors to stay active. Seniors don’t need to take part in body-building routines to strengthen their muscles; all it takes is getting up and moving around on a regular basis.

Improving Circulation

Exercise also improves circulation. The circulatory system generally slows down with age. Certain medical conditions can further interfere with circulation, and being inactive only makes matters worse. That leads to a range of uncomfortable and potentially dangerous issues. Staying active keeps the blood flowing more freely, combating the symptoms of poor circulation as well as its negative long-term effects. By extension, it can contribute to heart health, lower blood pressure levels, and many other advantages. 

Battling Insomnia

Many elderly people suffer from insomnia based on recent reports. That can cause irritability, a lack of concentration, and reduced coordination. Not getting enough sleep can also bring about an increased risk of mental illness and dementia. Staying active helps people fall asleep more easily and stay asleep longer, thereby reducing the risks of all the mental and physical problems caused by insomnia. 

Faster Healing

Physical activity can likewise foster healing. As noted, exercise improves circulation, which is a key component of the healing process. It also boosts the immune system. Both those factors can help seniors heal after injuries and surgeries. They may help seniors fight off a variety of illnesses, too. That further improves their health and happiness. 

Heightened Mental Health

Seniors are at a greater risk of developing anxiety and depression. That often stems from isolation, loneliness, and decreased mental and physical activity. Many turn inward rather than reaching out for much-needed support. In assisted living communities, seniors are less likely to suffer from the effects of isolation, loneliness, anxiety, and depression. They’re with people in their own age group, and they have numerous social activities to choose from. 

They also have an array of additional senior living options to help keep their minds active. Exercise plays a key role here. Studies have proven that physical activity contributes to improved mental health. As such, exercise programs and other amenities available through senior living communities can foster mental wellness from numerous angles. 

Keeping Senior Loved Ones Active

Tiffany Court of Walnut Creek is a community for seniors. We strive to meet the needs of our residents while exceeding their expectations. Our caregivers are dedicated to your loved ones’ health and safety. We offer a selection of amenities, enrichment programs, social events, and exercise programs to keep our residents mentally and physically active. 

Youthful energy levels don’t last forever. As they fade, physical activity tends to take a back seat. Unfortunately, that can cause a harmful decline in both physical and mental health. One of the keys to maintaining wellness is staying active. Encouraging seniors to exercise and participate in activities can protect them from many of the problems a sedentary lifestyle brings about. Offering activities that are suited to their physical abilities is essential to the process.