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Make The Right Decision of Assisted Living or Home Care

When a parent or loved one gets older, it can be challenging to care for themselves. Simple tasks like cooking and cleaning can be difficult, and if your loved one falls while performing daily tasks, it could result in a broken bone or head injury. If they can't reach the phone, it could take a [...]

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Inspirational Stories: Living the Dream

Communities focusing on assisted living In Walnut Creek, CA are places for senior citizens to live in when they need more care than they could get living independently. Assisted living is an excellent option for many senior citizens who wish to continue living life to its fullest extent while also in a residential setting with [...]

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+Scams That Commonly Target The Elderly

Spam comes in many forms: telephone calls, emails, mail, or even in-person solicitations. And to be honest, not all spam contacts are bad. It could be something of interest or a good deal for the right person. But what makes it spam in the first place is that it's unsolicited. The unfortunate reality, however, is [...]

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Understanding Glaucoma

Glaucoma is considered the leading cause of blindness. The condition is classified as a group of eye diseases that increase eye pressure and cause damage to the optic nerve. A damaged optic nerve leads to permanent vision loss. Studies show that around three million individuals in the U.S. are diagnosed with eye disease. Medical reports [...]

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How Assisted Living Improves Quality of Life

Senior communities are a great option for individuals who want to downsize and live in more modest homes. The communities provide exceptional amenities that help everyone enjoy their lives more. When finding the right home for retirement, elderly individuals can review the apartments available in the communities and the amenities.  A senior community offers communal [...]

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Quick Tips on Identifying a Quality Senior living Community

Keeping loved ones safe and cared for is a top priority of assisted living communities, and they can offer peace of mind to the family as not everyone has time in their busy lives to care for their loved ones at home. Searching for a quality senior living community for loved ones can be [...]

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The Importance of Dining and Socialization for Seniors

Being socially active keeps a person's brain feeling young. While most people agree that young children need to mingle with friends, many forget about the senior citizens in their lives. As it turns out, finding time to socialize is crucial to the well-being of elderly individuals living in California. Where can seniors meet other people [...]

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How Do You Choose A Senior Living Community?

If the pandemic has scared you away from looking at options for senior living, you are not alone. I am here to put that fear to rest. The industry quickly pivoted and came up to the task of placing strategic protocols in place to keep the residents and staff healthy. With that being said, there [...]

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