A common misconception among the general public is that senior living communities are glorified nursing homes. In reality, this can’t be farther from the truth! Although there are similarities, an assisted living community provides a higher level of care, offers much more interactive activities, and allows residents to come and go as they please. Unlike the end of the road stigma attached to nursing homes, these communities are designed to serve older individuals who no longer wish to own a home, live alone, or require a level of personal support that they can’t get in their current living situation.

Assisted Living Costs are Commonly Blown Out of Proportion

One of the most common reasons people don’t look into senior living options earlier is the belief that it costs significantly more than living independently. When one considers the price of a mortgage, insurance, taxes, utilities, unexpected repairs, and general upkeep, one will find that the price difference isn’t all that much. Even for those who have paid off their mortgage, the extra money they spend on food and gasoline can pale in comparison. Factor in that senior communities also provide healthcare options, private transportation, and living assistance to those that need it, a person may save money every month.

Therapy Options are Readily Available

People require frequent exercise to keep their aging mind and body strong. Individuals living alone must find activities and physical therapists to assist them with these exercises. In contrast, people living in a senior community always have caregivers and group sessions that promote health and wellness right down the hall. Community homes like California’s Tiffany Court of Walnut Creek provide on-site therapy for seniors to ease any complications residents may face when scheduling appointments. Within minutes, people can work on their mental and physical health without traveling more than a few feet from their suite!

No One Has to Abandon Their Beloved Pet

Many people dread moving to assisted living homes because they assume their pets won’t be welcome. Although this is true for most nursing homes, senior communities believe that every resident should be able to keep their furry companions with them at all times. The staff understands that pets provide residents with companionship, comfort, and a sense of security while also being viewed as family members by their owners. These factors keep residents mentally strong and often allow them to be more outgoing with others in the community.

Keeping Residents Socially Active

The myth that people will be isolated and lonely in a senior community is baseless. Tiffany Court residents can depend on the professional staff to set up social activities that keep them interacting with their neighbors and provide an escape from their daily tasks. Musical performances, movie nights, book readings, dance lessons, and cooking classes are just a few programs offered regularly. The community also provides a hair salon and restaurant-style dining where residents can socialize and meet new people. The caregivers know that isolation can lead to a swift decline in mental health and overall physical well-being. Individuals who are shy or keep to themselves are encouraged to attend events and are sometimes introduced to other like-minded neighbors to offset any self-imposed isolation.

All Lengths of Stay are Available

Another misunderstanding of the senior living community is that only healthy, able-bodied people can be residents. Most people believe they must move into a nursing home if they require long-term or respite care. Severe long-term care for a chronic condition will require the staff of a nursing home, but the community in Walnut Creek, CA has a team of caregivers who can assist anyone with minor or short-term assistance needs. Regardless of a person staying for a few weeks or several years, the team is ready to help with any task that doesn’t need to be addressed by a medical professional. This includes aiding with personal care and medication monitoring or daily tasks like housekeeping and navigating through the buildings within the community.

A Trusted Name in Assisted Living

For 15 years, Tiffany Court has provided exceptional assisted living services to Walnut Creek, CA residents. Offering independent and assisted living options, the senior community provides around-the-clock care to all residents, including minor medical, specialty diets, and memory care for those in need. All residents have access to transportation for important medical and legal appointments and at no point is anyone locked inside; residents can come and go as they please. The Walnut Creek suites are priced comparably to the cost of living in a home while offering a more versatile and manageable living environment without digging into a person’s life savings.