People who live in California have excellent choices for assisted living communities. But, when exploring the perfect community, make sure that therapy for seniors is available. Further, choose the community that is in the best location to be near family and has the needed amenities for the senior looking for assisted living. A community that is flexible and can change the level of care given as a resident’s needs change is a good choice.

Why Do People Choose To Move To Assisted Living Communities?

Some people choose to move to an assisted living community as they age to have a home with fewer responsibilities for care and maintenance. They may want some help with house cleaning and daily living. They may want to retain most of their independence while getting services and help they need for physical limitations. Others are encouraged to move to assisted living communities by concerned family members when it becomes hard for them to maintain the family home and care for themselves without help.

What Are the Advantages Of an Assisted Living Community?

Seniors are free to choose the type of assisted living community they move to. They can pick a community that fits their budget and needs. They can choose a community that is conveniently located near their old home neighborhood. And, they can choose a community that most nearly reflects the lifestyle they are accustomed to.

The advantages of choosing the right assisted living homes include:

  • Having a safe, secure living arrangement for peace of mind. Every effort is taken to keep this community secure and safe for its residents.
  • Living in a nice home without all the hassle of house upkeep and yard work.
  • Residents can get almost all the care and therapy they need right in the community. Additional care from medical professionals is easy when transportation is provided for doctor appointments.
  • The many activities and social events mean that a person no longer suffers from social isolation. There are many fun and therapeutic activities available for every resident. Making new friends is always a good thing.
  • Therapy is offered to make life easier. There is therapy for physical movement, speech, pain, mobility issues, and more.
  • The family will have peace of mind knowing their loved one is living in a safe, welcoming environment.
  • Living in an assisted living community may be the best way to take care of health and cognitive issues for a better quality of life. 

Why is Therapy So Important in Assisted Living Communities?

It is important to choose an assisted living community that offers all the types of therapy that one might need to live the best life possible as one age. Not all senior living communities are equal.

Different types of therapy help seniors navigate the aging process with as high a quality of life as possible. Different types of therapy will help residents retain the highest level of mobility possible. Therapy can make pain be more controlled. Therapy can help residents be more able to perform self-care, hygiene, and daily tasks more easily. Therapy can help residents with speech deficits due to stroke and other causes and can help residents who are having trouble chewing or swallowing their food.

In addition, therapy can help residents suffering from conditions such as dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other diseases that cause behavior and memory issues. Therapy can help address the resident’s frustration, fear, and declining cognition in a caring and effective way.

When a resident gets the types of therapy they need, their overall wellness improves, and then their quality of life improves. It is estimated that 81% of assisted living residents need some type of therapy.

Residents that are undergoing a decline in their lifestyles such as health or mobility issues can benefit from different types of therapy. Therapy can slow the decline in physical and mental ability and help residents deal with the emotional price of this decline. A therapist can help a resident emotionally deal with a decline in health and lifestyle and have the best life possible under the conditions they find themselves in.

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