California residents have assisted living communities at different price levels. On the higher end of the spectrum, seniors can have a lifestyle similar to the one they are used to and be free of daily chores and time-consuming errands. They can have medical services close by, so they do not have to worry about transportation and waiting for appointments across town. It is important to check out several senior living communities to find the one that best suits each senior’s needs.

When is it Time to Seek Assisted Living Solutions?

One of the hardest decisions for seniors or their families is when it is time to give up independent living and move to an assisted living community. No one wants to give up their home and independence unless there is no choice. But, when health or cognitive issues make independent living difficult to impossible, it is time to make hard choices. These choices will be easier if the whole family takes part in the discussions and does it in a loving and respectful way. The senior should have major input and a choice in where they will move.

Choosing the Best Solution

Choosing a community for seniors does not have to be difficult. The family members helping the senior choose a community can look for assisted living communities that are conveniently located and meet the needs of the person moving there. Seek professional advice on choosing assisted living communities. There are organizations to assist seniors and their families in choosing the best senior care options. The choices might be surprising. There is everything from respite care services to nursing home communities and options in between. 

One of the best choices may be an assisted living community in Walnut Creek, CA. There are these types of communities at different price levels. Choose the community that best suits the senior who will be living there and is within their means to finance it. The right community can provide a nice moving process that helps the senior live a richer life with less responsibility. The best community will make the seniors feel like they have as much independence as possible while providing help as needed.

Unfortunately, many seniors as they age in place become lonely and isolated. By moving to an assisted living community they can become more social and make new friends. Assisted living communities should be offering the seniors who live there numerous social activities to enjoy. The correct community will honor the senior’s interests, hobbies, and preferences to make them happy and occupied.

Supporting the Senior Citizen Once They Move to Assisted Living

Everyone has heard stories of older people who have moved to assisted living communities or nursing homes and feel they have been forgotten. The pictures in people’s minds of a lonely person sitting in a chair all day do not have to happen. Families and friends can support the person in assisted living with frequent phone calls and visits. It may mean taking time out from a busy life, but staying in contact is a must. Phone calls only take a few minutes. Try setting up a texting schedule with the seniors so they can check their phones for texts when they feel lonely.

Family visits mean a lot to seniors and should be an important part of the family support system. During visits or phone calls, the family can ask the seniors about community activities that may be available and encourage them to take part. Encourage the resident to make new friends. Try to check out activities that match the resident’s interests and encourage them to take part.

Another way to support older family members in assisted living communities is to keep them involved in family special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and so on. Either visit them that day or call them to share the festivities as much as possible.

Supporting Family Members With Dementia

Supporting family members with dementia is a little more challenging. Dementia starts slowly and builds to the point the family seeks help, including placement in an assisted living community or a nursing home. It is heartbreaking to witness a beloved person lose contact with reality. While the person is still in their home, some things will help them cope, including keeping a simple routine, writing down to-do lists, planning simple activities they enjoy, allowing the person to do as much themselves as they can, and simplifying tasks with easy-to-use clothing, etc. Above all, be patient and gentle with them.

When the time comes to move a person to assisted living, do not leave them there without visits and phone calls. The right assisted living home will assist you in communicating with your loved one. Encourage the assisted living community to do everything they can to help the family member retain memories and lifestyle abilities. The best assisted living communities have special programs for residents with dementia to help them.

About Tiffany Court

Tiffany Court is an assisted living community located in Walnut Creek, CA. It offers a top-tier assisted living experience. Seniors can live a life they love with a range of amenities and medical services. The living units have innovative and easy-to-navigate floor plans. There are fun activities as well as great meals and health programs.