Keeping loved ones safe and cared for is a top priority of assisted living communities, and they can offer peace of mind to the family as not everyone has time in their busy lives to care for their loved ones at home. Searching for a quality senior living community for loved ones can be an intimidating process, but with these tips, it is much simpler to decide. 

Tips for Finding a Quality Senior Living Community

There are many things to keep in mind when choosing the perfect assisted living community to care for loved ones. However, finding a quality location in which family members receive the highest quality care is very doable with assisted living In Walnut Creek, CA.

To begin, establish what it is you are looking for. Do this by determining the loved one’s level of independence as well as their overall well-being and health and the amount of support that they will require to live comfortably. Knowing these things will help you create a list of potential locations and begin budgeting. 

Next, decide how much can realistically be spent on care each month and prepare a budget. Taking into account current homeowner expenses can help determine what all needs to be included in the budget. There are numerous financial resources such as long-term care insurance plans and financial aid for veterans and their surviving spouses that can help you reach your ideal budget.

After determining the loved one’s needs and creating a budget, it is time to think about the location. For some, the current neighborhood is meaningful or sentimental, so consider if your loved one needs to stay in their current area. Consider if the senior needs to be near major medical facilities by determining their health and condition. In some cases, adult children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren live far away, so relocating might be necessary for optimal care and visitation.

Next, think about desired needs, services, and amenities and form a list. Lists like these should be non-negotiable to ensure that the senior receives all of the necessary care and must-haves to live comfortably and happily in their chosen community. Many communities offer specific accommodations such as allowing pets, general wellness programs, specialized programs for memory care, and engaging activities both in-house and around town.

Finding more Information

Senior living communities often list and describe their services and amenities online, so be sure to research locations near you. Care plans are often available to the public to ensure that each potential resident and their family has a chance to review general information and determine if it is the perfect location for them.

While researching online, be sure to check reviews, too. Check common care websites and review websites often contain detailed reviews in regard to the condition, treatment, and overall care of various communities. Reading the reviews of residents’ family members can tell you exactly how the community is treating their loved ones and whether or not they feel at home. 

Once there are a few communities in which you are interested, check social media pages for more information. Often, you will find comments and further reviews that offer more information about the lifestyle. Social media can also provide an outlet for photos of the residents, what activities they offer, and even the quality of the dining and cuisine. 

Asking around can help you gather information, too, as there are many that have already gone through this process. Consider conversing with friends, other family members, coworkers, family physicians, or even church members to gather helpful advice and information about communities near you.

Once you have established the basics and decided on a few potential communities, it is time to narrow down the list by reaching out to them. Sending an email or making a phone call with questions, desires, or budget concerns can help to narrow down the list further and decide which communities are worth visiting in person and touring.

After preliminary contact, it is time to schedule a visit and tour. Making an informed decision is much easier after paying an In-person visit. It is important to pay attention to the interactions between staff and residents as well as the overall mood of the community. While visiting and touring, pay attention to safety features and accommodations such as security systems, handrails, grab bars and emergency call systems. Determine the cleanliness of the environment, how it is decorated, whether or not it is updated, the friendliness and promptness of staff, and, lastly, determine if it feels like home. 

After visiting in person, visit again to review your notes, questions, and concerns. This step will help you eliminate options from the list and make a final informed decision. Schedule your visit(s) at different times, too, as this will allow you a chance to observe the community in the evenings, on weekends, and any other time in which senior management is not on site. This is especially important if your loved one is disabled or in need of a memory care community with specialized plans for dementia. 

Lastly, it is time to think about contracts and long-term stays. Consult with a legal professional or an attorney as seeking professional advice can help guarantee that no mistakes are made in the process of choosing a community. Any mistakes can be detrimental both emotionally and financially. Contracts are often long, complicated, and overwhelming, so leave the legal hassle to a trustworthy attorney so that you can focus on the community environment and settle your loved one into the perfect community.

The Option of Respite

Respite care is a valuable option to think about, too. This is essentially when someone takes care of your loved one to offer you a break to run errands, take a trip, or complete any necessary tasks that 24/7 care might hinder. In addition to this, respite is available for emergency situations. 

Respite does not have to be used solely for a “break,” though. This option works well for seniors and families looking to “test” a community before making a commitment. Stays can last anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks, and it gives everyone an opportunity to review the resources and support of the community before they commit to it. Regardless of the time that a loved one is there, they will be treated like family.

Start Searching Now

Now that you know what to look for and consider while searching for the perfect community, it is time to begin searching. Taking into consideration the needs and desires of the senior, deciding on an ideal location, observing staff and the community, and forming a budget are the hardest parts. Once these are completed, it is a matter of “does this community feel like home?”

About Our Community

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